Training is a learning process which helps service professionals achieve skills, shape attitudes and acquire new concepts and knowledge to aid in the achievments of organizational and national goals. The main purpose of training is to ensure that all employees have the technical skills needed to perform the job efficiently & smoothly. It is a key to reduce the gap between expected and actual performance level. Training has been treated as a continuous process through which employees can be groomed to respond to the changing needs of organization to serve the citizen. It acts as an important motivational factor to increase competence. 


We serve a large volume of patients at our institute, including those referred by tertiary level hospitals.Hence we have a rich academic environment for clinical training. Every year, a number of post-graduate medical trainees are awarded apprenticeship after a rigorous selection procedure. These apprentices shadow our mentors and gain valuable experience. They utilize this experience to better serve the community.



Trainee doctors and technologists complete a rotation at our institute as a part of their internship. They receive supervised training from our senior officers, consultants, faculty members & allied professionals.


Structured short courses & workshops

We conduct short term courses & workshops on a variety of topics. These provide a great opportunity for learning, exchange of knowledge, views & ideas with the experts in the field.


Clinical meetings & Journal club

We are committed to fostering an academic environment. To that end, clinical meetings, case presentations and journal clubs are arranged regularly to keep up with the recent updates in the field.


In-house training

As a part of our mandate to develop manpower to serve the people efficiently & effectively, Institute arranges regular in-house training programs, courses for all employees of different levels with different types of course contents. Fire service & rescue drill and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) also included in this programme.


We host orientation programs for professionals and students in the field of engineering, physical sciences, laboratory technology etc. These programs count towards the fulfilment of their respective program curriculums such as BSc in Engineering, BSc in Medical Technology, BSc in Bio-Medical Engineering etc.


Field visit

Our institute appreciate students and educators to conduct field visits. We have successfully hosted many renowned educational institutions with enthusiasm.


Residency training

Residency training is arranged regularly at our institute for doctors leading to the award of Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of  Surgery (MS), at Chittagong Medical College Hospital under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU).