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Many patients are suffering from some diseases and different accident like degenerative bone diseases, congenital deformities, fractures, non-union, bone loss from traumatic accidents, burns, acid violence etc. For the treatment of these, Institute of Tissue Banking and Biomaterial Research (ITBBR) of BAEC provided radiation sterilized amnion membrane and bone allografts routinely to the different hospitals/ clinics throughout the country. By following scientific procedure, gamma irradiation(60Co) is used for tissue graft sterilization.

Working Schedule

Working hour

Every Saturday to Thusday at 8.00am -2.30pm
Except Friday and all government holiday

Service Start Time

Every Saturday to Thusday at 7.30 AM
Except Friday and all government holiday

Patient Entry Time
(ROOM NO. 102)
at 8.00 am-1.30 pm.
Don't do money transaction without digital money receipt of the Institute.

Type of tissue allografts

Scope of clinical application

Radiation sterilized amnion allograft

Burn & plastic surgery:
Burn (superficial, mixed burn, electric burn, acid burn), leprotic ulcer, bedsore, donor site reconstruction, vaginoplasty & abdominal wall reconstruction, traumatic open wounds and other skin wounds.

Radiation sterilized /cryopreserved amnion allograft

Eye surgery:
Chemical burn, pterigium, corneal ulcer, cornea transplantation, limbal cell deficiency etc.

Freeze dried radiation sterilized bone allograft

Orhtopaedic & spinal surgery:
Bone fracture, traumatic bone loss, gap non-union, cystic lesion of bone/tumor, THR, arthrodesis, TB spine, congenital deformity and other  orthopaedic & spinal defects.

Demineralized bone matrix/granules

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery :
Periodontal defects, preprosthetic surgery, tumor, traumatic facial defects, dentoalveolar defects etc

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